Loving the "Love For Lola" Elsie Doll Dress Pattern

While I love creating my own patterns, I also enjoy making other designer’s patterns. Recently I made the Love from Lola Elsie dress for WellieWishers™. The fabric folds on the skirt are just beautiful. I wondered just how hard they were to create. I’m sure glad I tried it! If you are an intermediate sewer, or even an advanced beginner, you should give it a try. It’s not as hard as it looks.

The pattern instructions were clear and easy to follow. There are pictures included with each step. Be careful when you cut the overskirt. It’s easy to cut it incorrectly. Yes, that is from experience. Also, if your overskirt fabric isn’t thin, you will never get it around the waist of a WellieWisher™ doll. I used a chiffon and it worked perfectly. It was a bit fray-e so don’t handle it too much. I wasn’t a big fan of the underskirt. It was designed to not close completely in the back. I get it. The band and the tie are just too bulky for the waist. I altered mine to rest below the waist and used a thin ribbon for the tie. For the shrug I used the Wellington Dress pattern by Jelly Bean Soup Designs.

Welliewisher dress creation by Originals by Gaby. Pattern by Love From Lola.

Absolutely one of my favorite creations. My granddaughter's favorite also. This one gets 5 hearts.    Definitely give it a try.


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Love from Lola pattern image   Jelly Bean Soup Pattern image
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